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-A high quality Eau de Parfum

-Muslim product

-Starch imported from Switzerland

-Long-lasting, 8-12 hours on the skin and 2-3 days on clothes

-Smell rivals that of international original and branded perfumes

-Around 60 renowned and brands that are selling well on the market

-Perfect for hot and humid tropical Malaysian weather, not oily and does not leave a sticky feeling

-The alcohol content in the perfume is made from plant extracts and can be used for prayers (HALAL)

-With the size being 10ml, it is also travel friendly

-Exclusively elegant packaging, can be given as a gift and also as dowry



Gucci Guilty Black is an intense oriental floral in which RED-hot sensuality is all:

Top notes

The scent demands attention with a sparkling prelude of succulent red fruits and an impertinent fist of pink pepper. The mood is youthful audacity.

Middle notes:

The heart combines the lusciousness of raspberry and peach with a heady femininity of lilac and violet. here is tenderness amid the bravura.

Base Notes:

The patchouli that is the hallmark of Gucci fragrances here generates a sense of addictive craving, while the voluptuousness of amber suggests deep femininity.


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